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As I sit here in the calm of freshly fallen snow outside, sipping my coffee, I am filled with gratitude. All this month I am sharing a theme word with my kids during homeschool, and today I am just sitting back and enjoying how amazing life is. It might not always be easy…But today when the kids want to play in the snow I will choose to put the worry aside and just enjoy.

Here is a little of what is on my plate for the month of January…

  • Working on fun blogs that combine all that Lily’s Cocoon has to offer: jewelry, gemstone meanings, yoga/reiki care, and the power of essential oils.
  • MALA SALE!!! For the rest of the month of January, all malas are marked 20% off.
  • NEW EYE PILLOWS are getting put together this week!!! I got a custom order for pink so there is a special Valentine batch that will be ready for your special sweetheart.
  • Very excited to spend more time on my website too. I want to make this a place where I can share my passion with you all…Enjoy!

Looking for more Lily’s Cocoon pieces for sale?

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Showing 1–12 of 68 results