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Days are getting longer…Starting to feel like spring.

With that being said, I am feeling like I need to do a little bit of spring cleaning. Look forward to sales throughout the entire month of March to make some room for new inventory. March is also my birthday month, so why not celebrate with a sale!!!

Mala Making Workshop


At Live Beyond Limit

March 9th, Noon-3pm

Learn how to knot a traditional mala with gemstone and rudraksha beads.


Gemstones to choose from:

Black Silk Stone, Hematite, Autumn Jasper, Red Jasper, Moukaite Jasper, Carnelian, Yellow Calcite, Yellow Jade, Rose Quartz, Magnesite, Sodalite, Blue Goldstone, Amethyst, Riverstone, Crazy Lace Agate

In the workshop, students will learn a bit of history of the mala and ways to use the beads in meditation. Each participant will select a gemstone packet, which includes all beading materials needed to complete a mala. 

Personal Investment: $65

Sign Up today on the Live Beyond Limit website 

Lily’s Cocoon Gets Featured!!!

I am excited to announce that Lily’s Cocoon has been featured in Shoutout Colorado, an online magazine that focuses on highlighting local artists. Here is the link to follow to read my interview.

Be looking out for all that makes Lily’s Cocoon so special. Definitely will be creating a lot of new jewelry pieces, putting the Cricut to work, and filling the old greeting card box up. 

Here is a little of what is on my plate this spring…

Dish cloths and scrubbies are here!!!

  • Working on fun blogs that combine all that Lily’s Cocoon has to offer: jewelry, gemstone meanings, yoga/reiki care, and the power of essential oils.
  • Making fun tumblers and beer can glasses with the Cricut. Currently these are being made by custom order!!! Feel free to send me a message more more details/to place an order.
  • Very excited to spend more time on my website too. I want to make this a place where I can share my passion with you all…Enjoy!

Looking for more Lily’s Cocoon pieces for sale?

You can follow the link below to my Instagram page to see my entire catalog of all my creations and place orders!

Like my Instagram page at for updates on workshops and jewelry. If you have any questions, want a special order, or to schedule a private yoga/Reiki session, contact me via the contact form above.

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Showing 1–12 of 44 results